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Discussions on how we can live more healthy lives in body, mind and spirit bringing into better balance our internal and external environments.Amma D

About Me

I am a Career and Small Business Coach. I help working parents, particularly newly returning mothers, make the transition into livelihoods and occupations that provide them with true fulfilment and a better balance of life.
I worked in the financial sector of the City of London in fast paced businesses for over 25 years (always trying to embrace their core values to the detriment of mine!!). I am a fully qualified Coach and NLP Practitioner. I have worked within Diversity and Inclusion for a top Financial Institution and have also worked within the Employability and Recruitment sector on work-based programmes. I am a member of the Association for Coaching.
I am passionate about redressing the work/life balance and support working parents, particularly mothers recently returning to work. Often with the major life change of becoming a parent they discover that the job or industry they once found to be a perfect fit, no longer resonates. There is a strong pull to make a change and a struggle to identify what that change should look like.
I work with my clients to identify and resolve the conflicts that arise out of this and recognise the shift in core values.
I support Clients in
• finding solutions that place their core values at the centre of their activities both in the home and at work;
• getting their lives to work the way they want them to, by eradicating the feelings of imbalance and overwhelm;
• moving forward through positive change, using skilled coaching techniques;
• establishing targets and goals and strategies for achieving them.